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What is the best way to board a loft? +

Can you DIY loft boarding? +

Will loft boarding void my NHBC warranty? +

Will loft boarding damage my loft insulation? +

Does loft boarding damage ceilings below? +

How much weight can I put in my loft? +

Can I fit raised loft boarding into an older property? +

What is LoftJoist? +

Why shouldn’t I use plastic support leg/stilts to raise loft boarding? +

I was told not to use timber to raise my loft boards +

Is LoftJoist secured only to alternating ceiling joists, like the plastic support leg systems? +

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Learn more about the services we provide to make your loft access safer, maximise storage potential and make your home warmer.


Board your loft for greater convenience, storage and safety. We supply and install LoftJoist products which allow for insulation to be installed correctly between your ceiling and your loft boarding.


Fitted ladders make accessing your loft space easy and safe. Fitted ladders are stored inside your loft and retrieved when needed through the hatch.


We supply and install new insulated hatches to replace old ones but we can also change the location of your loft hatch and make good the old one so you’d never know it was ever there.


The correct depth, density and quality of your roof insulation is essential to saving money and keeping warm. We supply and install loft insulation.

Prevent & Solve Condensation

Condensation in loft spaces can be solved with the right treatment and maintenance measures. We can survey your loft space for condensation and supply and install equipment to prevent and solve damp issues.